The challenge

Teenagers in the age of 13 – 18 are exposed to emergency and distress situations due to excessive consumption of alcohol, illegal drugs, violence and sexual assaults. In this age, the teenager’s privacy is very important for them. They are too embraced and afraid that their parents will be exposed to their risky behavior and therefore in time of distress, will not ask for any kind of help and of course will not call the medical or police emergency services. Instead they are trying to deal with the situation by themselves but with no success. They feel helpless and that there is nothing they can do.

Therefore, this reservation caused the teens, in time of distress, to be exposed and venerable to sexual assaults and all the way to a life-threatening situations

The solution

We believe that there is a solution for them and therefore based on the need and together with the teenagers we created Chill.

“Chill” is an holistic solution based on a smartphone app that allows the user, in just one click, to call for an “unformal” “big brother” support to arrive on site and in real time.

When the user click the app for emergency, the responders on call – (2 students a bot and a girl  in the age of 21 – 28 “Chillers”)  which have undergone the appropriate training, will get the call and arrive on site in a matter of minutes. Once they are there the Chillers will assist the teenager in all that may be necessary in the relevant situation keeping his / her privacy. If the situation is worsening the Chillers will alert and notify the relevant emergency services in order to ensure the teenager safety.

Why chill?


The call for help is anonymous. The registration for the app requires just a phone number with no other details that can identify the user. The privacy of the user is kept unless in sever cases which requires to report to professional agencies.


Few minutes following the call, the Chillers – Responders will arrive on site to support the user. On their way to the site, the Chillers is communicating with the user in order to better understand the distress situation and provide on line support until they arrive to the site.

Social Responsibility

he decision to call for help is the responsibility of the user. It provides the teenagers the option to help their friends in need in the best way and without “snitching” to the parents or to the emergency services. The Chillers is the “middle man” that enable them to do the right thing.


The Chillers considered as a kind of the teenagers “bigger brother” ( age 21 – 28). They undergo relevant training that enables them to provide professional support yet unformal.

Holistic Respond

The chill concept starts from the call for help, following the chillers arriving on site and in real-time, all the way to manage the situation and if needed call for the emergency situation and or updating the professional agency in the community for further support .

Minimizing the risky behavior consequences

Chill provides the teenagers the option to call for help in the beginning of the distress situation and therefore preventing from the situation to deteriorate and minimizing the damages. Chill causes to reduce the amount of extreme distress situation


Making a different

The project was operationally implemented in Shoham municipality on July 2018. Chill is currently in implementation process in few other cities in Israel. We have also been approached by other countries to learn and discuss the Chill project.

Since its operation the Chillers were called to support many teenagers under variety of distress situation such as: preventing sexual assaults, supporting teens under the influence of alcohol and a suicide attempt. 

Few weeks after Chill was implemented the Chillers were called to a 16 years old teenagers’ party, in the wood near Shoham.

The Chillers reach the boy. He told them he drank and someone put an LSD in his glass. They called the ambulance and while they were talking to him he lost conscious and started chocking. The students took care of him and help the ambulance to arrive on seen as quick as possible The boy was taken to the hospital to the emergency care unit.

2 days later he contacted Chill asking them to thank the students that save his life. He said:

 “Without you I would be left on the rock, there in the woods…. you saved my life”

He requested us to join Chill in order to save other kids. 

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