The project in detail

An initiative that provides anonymous help to teens and young people who find themselves in distress as a result of the consumption of alcohol, sexual harassment and drug use at social events and nature parties.

The main challenge the initiative aims to solve is young people’s reluctance to turn to their parents or official assistance services out of embarrassment and fear of exposure, at times going as far as to risk their and their friends’ lives rather than ask for help.

Chill provides them a nationwide security network by enabling them to call for two trained young people (a kind of “big brothers”) to come to their aid in case of distress, on the ground and in real time, and help them in any manner required, while maintaining their anonymity. When necessary, the trained helpers will also contact emergency and medical services.

The project was built on the platform of the NowForce personal safety app, which enables teens in distress to send out an SOS signal. The user’s location is being sent and a communication channel between the user and the responding Chillers is being open, through voice call and chat. The Chillers can also navigate to the user location directly from the app in order to arrive on site as soon as possible.


Comprehensive solution

For the teens to call for help is just one simple click. The Chillers than receive the call, arrive on the scene and manage    the situation. If needed the teenager will be referred for professional continues support by the local municipality

Immediate Solution

Once the distress call has been made, the Chillers (two trained young people who have completed military service) will be at the distressed teen’s side, on site within minutes. On their way, they will communicate with the teen through the app, by phone or by chat in order to get a better understanding of the situation and accordingly will provide help as soon as possible


The distress call does not require identification or personal details. Signing up for the app requires nothing more than a phone number and, apart from extreme cases that legally entail reporting to official authorities, the young person’s anonymity is protected - this is the initiative’s guiding principle.

Social responsibility

The initiative to make the distress call and the conditions under which help is given are the responsibility and the decision of the users. Chill solution is unique since control remains in the hands of the teenagers who opts to summon help. Such a solution allows a teen to help a friend in need keeping his anonymity and in time of need to use the Chillers assistance as mediators to call for the emergency services

Reducing risk situation’s level

 Chill solution enables teens to call for assistance at the beginning of the distress process rather than at the end when it is already an emergency case. Chill itself can be used as a kind of a deterrence, especially when facing a sexual harassment / assaults attempts. In those situations if the call is being made in the early beginning of the sexual harassment process – the Chiller’s being on site for itself, will solve the issue and stop the process


Informal Solution

The Chillers, who are aged between 21 and 28, help the distressed young people from the position of a "big brother". They understand the situation. They have been there not such a long time ago and considered to be part of the teens "world". The Chillers undergo training which includes first aid, dealing with teens under the influence and gaining their trust, legal aspects, technological training relevant to the service, on the ground drills, etc


Main landmarks


Chill was selected to the first acceleration program of the “Hackaveret – Social Hub”. The hub was founded by the “JDC” organization and the “Israeli National Social Security Funds” aiming to support selected social startups.




Chill was fully launched at Shoham municipality on February 2018 supporting 3,100 teenagers


In the end of the acceleration program of “Hackaveret” founded by JDC and the “Israeli national Social Security Funds”  , Chill won a grant for running  a 6 months program pilot

Supporting teenagers under distress – Cases from the field

– Saving the life of a 16-year-old boy who’d lost consciousness due to alcohol consumption spiked with drugs without his knowledge.

– Aid to a teenage girl in danger of sexual assault due to consumption of alcohol.

– Aid to several boys and girls in different states of distress as a result of alcohol consumption, including possible suicide.

– All the users who called us and the ones that got the Chiller’s support thanked us and ask to take part in marketing Chill.



First prize for "Social Innovation" by the worldwide JDC - Joint Organization.


Grant winner in the “Students Initiate Change” competition courtesy of the Student Union and The Israeli National Lottery – “Mif’al HaPa’is”.


Prize and professional mentor ship awarded at the Entrepreneurship Center of Seminar Hakibbutzim's Hackathon.

Media Coverage


Extensive dedicated article in “Yediot Ahronot” - Modi’in


    Interview at Channel 10 – Morning Show, Danny Roop and Lior Keinan


Coverage by “Oded Ben-Ami at the Evening news program” Channel 2

The vision:

A nationwide network to help young people anywhere and at any time that will help reduce rates of risky behavior and create an overall increased feeling of security for young people and their parents.

We need your support to fulfill Chill’s Vision

In order to fulfill the Chill’s vision, supporting the youth any time anywhere, we would be glad to get your support your support in the following issues:

- Budget for the app’s improvement, adding new modulus to create dedicated youth content

- Budget for nationwide marketing

We are naturally open to every idea that might support the Chill’s vision

We would be glad to connect through:

Call for Action – Chillers

Chill – An innovative, discrete and emergency app based solution, aiming to support teens under distress due to alcohol consumption, drug use and sexual assaults at social events and “nature” parties.

The support is given on site and in real time by a trained pair of young people.

Chill is implemented in Shoham municipality as part of a nation wide project.

We call on you – volunteers in the age of 21 – 28, to take part in supporting the youth and to have a meaning full involvement in anew innovative nationwide project.

You believe that you are up to it? You want to learn more about it?

Please contact us through: