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A discrete, innovative, emergency app based solution, for teenagers under distress any time anywhere.

A discrete, innovative, emergency app based solution for teenagers under distress any time anywhere

Teens and young people find themselves in distress due to consumption of alcohol, drug use and sexual assault at social .events and nature parties

In such instances of distress, young people often avoid turning to their parents or official services out of embarrassment and fear of exposure.

When teens find themselves in a situation that makes them feel like there is no way out, they try to deal with it themselves unsuccessfully - We believe that there is a way out and in collaboration with our youth partners according, to their needs and in keeping their privacy, we have created the Chill initiative.

Chill aims to give first response on the ground and in real time once a call is being initiated through the app. The service is provided by a pair of Chillers (trained young people 21 - 28) who are not linked to a formal authority that will help the teens to deal with the situation. If needed they will get the official help services involved if necessary.

Chill aims to create a nationwide safety net for the youth.  Chill provides one more alternative for the teens to get support and it is not a substitute to emergence or and medical services

Chill app was developed by “NowForce”

Behind the Wheel

Eran Drukman

Spent many years in senior positions in leading high-tech companies, including Comverse and Nice

Experienced entrepreneurs with a number of start-ups already under his belt

Co Founder and CEO of the SDS start-up company

Father of two, including an 18-year-old daughter

Volunteer in a number of youth initiatives in Shoham

Reut Dror

Studying for an MBA in Technological Entrepreneurship and Information Systems

Bachelor in Marketing Communication and Publishing

Has a personal trainer certificate for children and youth with a specialization in attention deficit and learning disorders

Major in the IDF army reserve, instructor in the fields of leadership, communication and preparation for IDF service in various youth organizations across Israel

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