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An initiative that provides anonymous help to teens and young people who find themselves in distress as a result of the consumption of alcohol, sexual harassment and drug use at social events and nature parties.

The main challenge the initiative aims to solve is young people’s reluctance to turn to their parents or official assistance services out of embarrassment and fear of exposure, at times going as far as to risk their and their friends’ lives rather than ask for help.

Chill provides them a nationwide security network by enabling them to call for two trained young people (a kind of “big brothers”) to come to their aid in case of distress, on the ground and in real time, and help them in any manner required, while maintaining their anonymity. When necessary, the trained helpers will also contact emergency and medical services.

The project was built on the platform of the NowForce personal safety app, which enables teens in distress to send out an SOS signal. The user’s location is being sent and a communication channel between the user and the responding Chillers is being open, through voice call and chat. The Chillers can also navigate to the user location directly from the app in order to arrive on site as soon as possible.

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